Growth of value with high yield and minimum risk


IRQ T.E Development I Fund

The T.E Group will now be financing some of its projects with an investment fund founded exclusively for our activities and focusses primarily on the mezzanine financing of our development projects.

The IRQ T.E Development I Fund (the Fund) is a closed-end fund of qualified investors. It was set up as a sub-fund to Meridon Funds SICAV p.l.c., with its headquarters on Malta. Malta is suitable as a traditional fund domicile primarily due to its stable legal environment, quality jurisprudence and international investment protection. To ensure the maximum security and predictability of its investments, the Fund only invests into projects with valid and enforceable planning or building permits.

The yield of the fund is comprised both from fixed interest per annum and a share in the final profit of each project. The fund does not charge investors any entry or exit charges, nor does it take a share in the return on the investments. These expenses are borne by the T.E Group as part of the operating expenses for its development activities, and thus the investor receives a pure return at almost the same amount in which the fund collects from the project.

The owner of the T.E group invest his own private resources into the Fund under the same conditions as the other investors, thereby fully participating in all the potential risks and benefits of the Fund.

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