We carry out
real estate development

Original and thought-through from every angle.

Inspiring thought,
detailed processing,
thorough implementation.

about us

We believe that our homes are a massive part of our life experience. Where and how we live has a huge influence of how a person perceives himself, if he considers himself successful, if he looks forward to coming home and enjoys spending time here. Last, but not least, a person’s closest circle perceives him according to where and how he lives. There is always a concealed thought that it is the foundation and that it is worth reaching for the best you possibly can, or even further. It is the motivation to achieve more, to take a longer path that leads to this perfect home. The way we create our projects and the clients we are here for flow from these contemplations and outlook on life.


We focus on unique projects in uniqe locations. Brownfields, greenfileds – we like both colors. However, we prefer to transform disfunctional into functional and obsolete into modern.


The core of our activities is real estate development and project management. However, to make sure that proper attention is paid to every detail, we build our projects ourselves.

Asset Management

We actively look for suitable investment opportunities and provide comprehensive solutions for the administration and management of the real estate portfolios of our investors.

our projects

Imaginative and generous.

Barrandovská zahrada

Jestico + Whiles

Contemporary architecture with clean lines set within an immense garden of a pre-war villa.


Jestico + Whiles

Sakura is yet another step in our concept of living buildings.


ArchiteCt: Under-construction architects

Project of four generous family town homes in a heretage-marked zone of Prague.